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Jan 21, 2024 Synth Patrol: Drone Ensemble Ambient Drone Concert at the Junkyard Social Club


Video highlights from an hour long improvised ambient drone concert by the Synth Patrol: Drone Ensemble recorded live at the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet on January 21st, 2024 at the Junkyard Social Club in Boulder.

This was shot on an Insta360 X3 and edited by Mark Mosher using Insta360 app and LumaFusion. The audio source is from a live board recording from the event mastered by Méchant Métrique.

To see the full 1 hour performance with two camera angles with the board recording visit There is also a copy of this audio recording on Soundcloud at .

For this performance, each member of the ensemble will played note only, one at a time, to create a collective emergent ambient synth drone soundscape filled with continuous notes, tone clusters, movement, and dynamics.

This immersive popup experience was live mixed through a four speaker system with a sub and feature supporting ambient lighting effects. The mix and panning were done by the performers in real-time as a result of the ensemble actively listening and adjusting.

Since 2019, the Synth Patrol ( has produced improvisational electronic music concerts with rotating squads of players. Performances are based on a growing repertoire of creative missions with immersive sound, lighting and visuals elements.

The squad for this Drone Ensemble mission and event was:

- Eddie Corcoran: Music, Sound Reinforcement, Live Mix & Recording –
- Langdon Crawford: Synth, Videography –
- Brian Horsfield: Synth, Lights, Staging –
- Victoria Lundy: Synth, Staging –
- Mark Mosher: Synth, Visuals, Creative Director –
- Christoph Scholtes: Synth, Staging –

The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet has hosterd 140 free events since 2012. Each event features a different topic on synthesizer tech, technique, and artistry using a broad variety of hardware and software to create, produce and perform. Events often feature live performances by community members. These events are open to synthesizer enthusiasts of all levels and are a wonderful place to learn, get inspired, share your art, and meet new people and collaborators. More at

Carbon Dioxide Ensemble Halloween 2023 Concert Replay with Theremin, Synths, Copper Heart & Dry Ice

CO2E Halloween 2023 BH

This is a live recording of a piece called “Interdimensional Breach” from a set we performed as the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble at the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet’s 2023 Halloween Synth Concert at the Junkyard Social Club in Boulder. It was improvised and recorded in one take in front of a live audience.

Members of the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble include Thomas Lundy on Copper Heart articulated with dry ice (with pickup mic for live sampling), Victoria Lundy on Theremin and Live Electronics, and Mark Mosher on Synths, Live Sampling, and Heart FX performed on iPad Pro 11" M1 with a Scarlet 4I4 interface. Our performances are informed and inspired in equal parts by Pierre Schaeffer and Musique Concrète, and the Krell Electronic Tonalities of Bebe and Louis Barron.

More info at If you would like an audio recording of this performance, visit

Audio was captured as a multi-channel recording on a Zoom L8 and was mixed and mastered in Ableton Live 11. The video was captured using a GoPro Hero 12 in 4K, and an Insta360 X3. Post-production via a MacBook M2 Pro using Final Cut Pro with custom VFX from Resolume.

Players: Theremin, Live Electronics - Victoria @Victoria Lundy Copper Heart, Dry Ice - Thomas Lundy iPad Synths, Live Sampling, Heart FX - @Mark Mosher Post-Production: Final Cut Pro Video Editing & VFX, Insta360 X3 Framing, Resolume Graphics - Mark Mosher Ableton Live Mixing and Mastering - Mark Mosher Cover, Title Card, and Banner Art - Victoria Lundy Cameras and Footage: Front: 4K GoPro Hero 12 Black 360: 5.7K Insta360 X3 operated by The Aefonic Side: Audience Mobile footage courtesy of John R.

Video for Drone Day 2023

I created a video for Rocky Mountain Synth Meet May 27 2023 Drone Day, part of an International Drone Day,
an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds!

Sound is multi tracked Theremin, Reaktor Molecular, in Ableton. Video was made in (of all things) Adobe Photoshop. 


Syn Sunday Set Recording from April 2017


A recording of my set from SYNTHESIZER SUNDAY (SYN-SUNDAY): A UNION OF ARCHITECTURE AND SOUND was captured by Kuxaan Sum who played at that event. 
Sunday, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
April 2017
at Denver Performing Arts Complex Galleria, 14th & Curtis
Like architecture, which starts from basic elements: glass, sand, and stone to create a building, synthesizers start from basic sine waves modulated to produce sound into music. Join us for this open-air concert at one of Denver’s most prominent cultural facilities where five musicians taking turns playing synthesizers will dedicate their performances to the distinctive glass roof of the Galleria.

Soundcloud Synthesizer Sunday Recording

There's also a recording of the jam that all the musicians did at the end of the show.

Syn sunday