DENVER ART ROCK COLLECTIVE ALL STARS: I'm playing with the Inactivists AUGUST 17 2019
Noise Vs Doom IV recap

Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox - Opening Celebration!

Hypnotic turtle dreambox updated
Hypnotic Turtle Proudly Presents

Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox - Opening Celebration!
August 16, 2019


"Science Fiction" by Arlo White - Opening Reception!

Live Music!
Tammy Shine & John Fuzz of Dressy Bessy!
Dead Orchids!
Victoria Lundy!

7:00 - Dreambox Opening / Science Fiction - Opening Reception
7:30 - "Sonic Blessing" - Victoria Lundy
7:56 - Sunset
8:30 - Tammy Shine & John Fuzz
9:15 - Victoria Lundy
10:00 - Dead Orchids

BYOB or Beverages Available For Donations*

* All Donations Will Go To The Performers

As Part Of 6-4-6!
Six(or more) Events Celebrating Six Years Of
Hypnotic Turtle Radio On Radio 1190!

Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox
The Little Gallery

A box of magic and art hidden in the suburbs of Broomfield, Colorado!

Created and curated by Hypnotic Turtle founders Arlo and Kim Kennedy White. The Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox was born out of a desire to foster imagination through creativity and inspire a sense of wonder.

(Located outside the Hypnotic Turtle Holiday Camp - Address to be released at a later date. Check in HERE on Facebook and let them know you'll be attending for more information). 

Hypnotic Turtle!


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