Nature Of The Beast: The Art Of Lisa Luree & Kim Anderson Video by Hypnotic Turtle!

Nature Of The Beast The Art Of Lisa Luree & Kim Anderson December 2019 Valkarie Gallery, Lakewood, Colorado Music: "Everfall" - Diablo Montalban vs. Victoria Lundy - Used By Permission A Hypnotic Turtle Production (C) 2019 Hypnotic Turtle Read more →

Hypnotic Turtle Proudly Presents Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox - Opening Celebration! August 16, 2019 Featuring: "Science Fiction" by Arlo White - Opening Reception! Live Music! Tammy Shine & John Fuzz of Dressy Bessy! Dead Orchids! Victoria Lundy! 7:00 - Dreambox Opening / Science Fiction - Opening Reception 7:30 - "Sonic Blessing"... Read more →