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Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox Presents
Perspectives by Kristin Aslan
What Do You See?
Do You See What I See?
Have you ever looked at something and found it to be wonderful, while the person you are with finds it strange? Maybe it’s an image or idea, maybe it’s a pug. In this installation, I explore the idea that we all see the world filtered through our lived experiences and give a playful voice to the idea that maybe, just maybe, we aren’t as open-minded and objective as we think. I use a variety of media and found objects to create layers and textures that celebrate our complex realities in a way that offers simplicity and delight.
- Kristin Aslan
Sounds: Diablo Montalban
Opening Reception: Friday July 29th, 20227 - 11PM
A Special Performance By Victoria Lundy 9PM
Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox
115 Garnet St., Broomfield, Colorado, 80020

An article from the Broomfield Leader about the opening here.

New work and updated website for the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble!

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is:
Copper heart played with dry ice by Thomas Lundy, live sampled into my Octatrack, along with Victoria Lundy accompanying on Theremin and live electronics.

For more information about our ensemble, go to carbondioxideensemble.com
Here is the  Carbon Dioxide Ensemble’s latest performance captured in 4K video with multiple angles with interactive visuals by synthesist Mark Mosher.

This video was originally presented as part of the The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet 2022 Drone Day celebration.