Halloween shows with Mark Mosher!


Mark Mosher and I will be performing as part of the Denver Central Library Trick or Treat Street. He will be using Resolume with real-time camera on the passerbys to add spooky effects to their image.


Denver Public Library Central


On the 30th we'll be performing at Textures ambient showcase along with Winter Twig.


Mutiny Information Cafe


Here's a teaser:




Rock Mountain Synthesizer Meetup -- The Sound of 50's SciFi: Theremins and Circuits


On October 12th, to celebrate Halloween, the October Rocky Mountain Synthesizer meetup had a double feature with presentations by Victoria Lundy and Mark Mosher on "The Sound of 50's SciFi: Theremins and Circuits. 


Part 1 - I presented a short talk on Thereminist Sam Hoffman who's work is synonymous with the iconic SciFi sound. He contributed to a huge number of films including the classic 1951 "The Day the Earth Stood Still", 1951 The "Thing from Another World", 1953 "Project Moon Base", and the 1953 "It Came from Outer Space" to name a few.

In Part 2 – Mark talked about the work of Louis and Bebe Barron---  electronic tonalities for the groundbreaking film "Forbidden Planet". 

The presentations  included audio/film clips, as well as demonstrations on how to create some of these iconic sounds. I mostly just talked about Sam Hoffman,   Mark did live patching of digital modular circuits projected on screen using Cycling '74s MAX BEAP Modular. 

Then we performed a 50s SciFi set at the aftermeetup.



Theremin Solo Set: Oct. 1 at Endotrend -- A Sustainable Festival of Music + Art + Education + Film


Attendees will have the amazing opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, gain insight and solutions from world renowned individuals, to connect, network and converge! This is an opportunity to build community capacity by strengthening social ties and providing avenues for community input and dialogue promoting civic participation.

  • Music
  • Impact Film Festival
  • Solutionary Showcase
  • Eco - Artist Park
  • Educational Conference
  • Sustainable Food Court
  • Kids Eco-Tainment Zone

More information at THIS LINK

Ticket Link is HERE.
Use the code greentime to get a $5 discount on early bird tickets and to be entered into the drawing to win a safari for 2 to Kenya!

September 17-- 8th edition Titwrench Festival of music + art!

image from images1.westword.com
Bluebook | Titwrench 2015 | Dryer Plug Studios | October 3, 2015 (Photo by Tom Murphy)

I'm going to be playing a solo set at this year's Titwrench Festival.

TITWRENCH is a celebration of art + music by LGBTQ + women from Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and beyond!

Our mission is to create conversation + support, connect communities and inspire collaboration among and for women + LGBTQ artists.
ALL AGES + ALL WELCOME - this is a family-friendly event!
Join the fun at this year's 8th edition festival, happening at one of Denver's longest running art spaces, The Glob!

10:00am SHOWGA (community yoga + music by ANNICA)
12:00pm Girls Rock Denver jam!
1:00pm Paper Perfect Girls
2:00pm Star Canyon (albuquerque)
3:00pm Kate Olson
4:00pm Ermine (albuquerque)
5:00pm Nakko Deesko
6:00pm Venison Whirled (austin)
7:00pm Sing Down the Moon (albuquerque)
8:00pm Kurva Choir
9:00pm Victoria Lundy
9:30pm Milch de la Máquina
10:30pm The Corner Girls
11:00pm Shriek Salad
12:00am Weedrat(albuquerque)
1:00am Chicharra (albuquerque)

(times subject to change)
12:30pm Lady Uranium
1:30pm Death In Space
2:30pm Anna Mall (albuquerque)
4:30pm Koko La
5:30pm Pearls and Perlez
+ tacos y refrescos de La Sirena Gitana
+ dance breaks led by WERK OUT Palace
+ stop-motion animation portraits by Esther Hz
+ nail booth by Don't Be So Cuticle
Questions regarding participation, donation and press should be directed to titwrench@gmail.com

June 13: Victoria Lundy, loanword, Stegoforrest w/ films by Curt Heiner

Some of Denver's best avant-garde and experimental artists explore the intersection between analog and digital.

  Curt Heiner is an experimental filmmaker, direct animator, and inventor of the draw-o-matic. His films will be specially selected for each act.

 loanword is a different kind of electronic act with an eclectic palette of samples, sounds, and instruments, and a thoughtful, inspired approach to songwriting. They're really into the creepy-hollow-eyed-baby-doll imagery right now.

Victoria Lundy is Denver's premier thereminist. Despite—or perhaps because—spell-check doesn't even think "thereminist" is a word, Lundy has become a local icon in the electronic scene and is a member of nerd-rock outfit The Inactivists.

Stegoforrest is a dance.

BackSpace Denver
900 S. Jason St.
Denver, CO 80223
June 13, 8:30 pm


Flux Crew Conduction Ensemble at the Immediate Music Festival this Friday!

The Immediate Music Festival is celebration of collaborative improvisation.  Students and the community are invited to attend workshops and demonstrations of Soundpainting, Conduction, Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, Group Improvising, and to enjoy wonderful improvisatory performances and interactive presentations.

All presentations and workshops will be made by extremely experienced, thoughtful, and gentle artist/clinicians including Jane Rigler and Janet Feder from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Master Improviser and Soundpainting expert Evan Mazunik, French Horn Professor/Improviser/Educator Jeffrey Agrell from The Universty of Iowa, and Conduction maestro and master improviser J.A Deane.

The days events will be followed by an evening concert featuring the group Sone (Jane Rigler, Janet Feder, Evan Mazunik, Mark Harris) improvising and accompanying short silent films, and the Flux Conduction Ensemble led by J.A. Deane, collaboratively improvising using the gestures of Conduction. 

This event, including all workshops, presentations, and the evening concert, is free and open to the public. Registration is highly encouraged and lunch will be provided to registered participants. 

When: Friday, April 29, 2016, workshops and presentations from 9:00am-2:30pm, evening concert at 7:30pm
Where: Kenneth King Academic and Performing Arts Center on the Auraria Campus, 855 Lawrence Way, Denver CO 80204
Parking: Free in the 7th Street Garage (7th and Lawrence) 
Cost: FREE!

For more info go to http://www.msudenver.edu/music/events/immediatemusicfestival/